March 2019 Pancake Day Competition
Families will be going pancake mad this month on Shrove Tuesday! Pups need not miss out on this tradition with dog friendly pancakes (see the video on the Happy Chops facebook page, for inspiration!). But....Shrove Tuesday is just one day a year...and we can't possibly have that at Happy Chops! So, this month's prize is an Oggi's Cranberry Biscuit Mix - the winner will be able to enjoy a sweet treat for many days and their human can get creative in the kitchen once again. Happy Days!!!

And the winner was the adorable Luna, the heart melting French Bulldog pup!!! Check out our facebook page to see her enjoying her prize!!!

February 2019 Valentines Competition

To celebrate the month of love, all customers who place an order in February will automatically be entered into our competition to win a delicious bag of luv hearts (for dogs) or luvvies (for cats), which are a healthy way to treat your best friend! Luv Hearts are rich in liver, heart shaped and grain free training treats. Luvvies are tasty tuna treats for cats - rich in Omega 3 & 6 to help maintain a healthy skin and coat, and Taurine for healthy heart and eyes.

And the winner is....Lola, the adorable Cocker Spaniel who is one of our longest Happy Chops doggy customers and who loves the lip smacking Beef Meat Feast. Sadly, Lola has many allergies (including poultry) so won't be able to enjoy the Luv Hearts...instead, her humans are going to choose a treat from our range that she can enjoy - we'll let you know what she's won in due course! 
Picture to follow but well done Lola!!

January 2019 Dancing on Ice Competition

To celebrate the return of Dancing on Ice, all customers who place an order in January will automatically be entered into our competition to win a tub of Billy + Margot Ice Cream, which is packed with pure fruit and coconut oil! What a delicious and healthy way to start the year!

And the winner is Dexter, the handsome Maine Coon kitten who loves the Dinner for Cats range! As Dexter won't be able to have ice cream, we changed the prize for something that he can enjoy, so he's feline fine by winning himself some lip smacking luvvies, suitable for cats from the age of 2 months old.
Congratulations Dexter...this little heartbreaker is looking very pleased with himself.


December 2018 Happy Chopsmas Competition
The countdown to Chopsmas has now begun in earnest with festive goodies adorning shop shelves!
To bring festive cheer even after the event, all customers who place an order in December will automatically be entered into our competition to win some delicious Cranberry & Sweet Potato Healthy Bites

And the lucky winners are Peter, Otillia, Bambi, Tinkerbell, Chico, Mouse, Cinderella, Mrs Potts, Chip, Dylan and Alice who love our range of raw food, treats and supplements and thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas Dinners!!
As there are 11 eager prize winners to share the Cranberry & Sweet Potato Bites, we've also thrown in some Salmon Skin Rolls for good measure, so they all get plenty of treats to enjoy and start 2019 with a real health boost.

Congratulations gang and Happy New Year!

November 2018 Countdown to Christmas Competition
Now the Christmas TV and store adverts are out in earnest, people are starting to think about where they stored their tinsel and tree decorations, ready to dust down again for this year!
To bring an extra fun and tasty element to the festive decorations, this month all customers who place an order will automatically be entered into our competition to win a lip smacking treat bauble for their pooch.

And the lucky winner is the lovely Ted who tried the Dorwest Valerian Compound during fireworks season. We're sure that he'll like his bauble treats far more than the fireworks!
Picture of Ted to follow!

Congratulations Ted, enjoy your Chicken, Duck and Turkey treats

October 2018 The Apprentice Competition

To celebrate the return of The Apprentice, all customers who place an order in October will automatically be entered into our competition to win some Fish Deli Cubes, which is high in Omega 3 (great for eye & brain development and increases intelligence & training ability)!

And the lucky winner is Blitzen who likes to take his Skullcap & Valerian before walks. Blitzen visited us today to collect his prize and his first ever raw food order. He wolfed one prize treat down immediately, so is clearly a fan of October's competition and we're certain he'll equally be a fan of his new delicious raw diet!!!

Well done Blitzen...enjoy the remainder of your treats and your lip smackingly good chicken dinner...yum!
September 2018 Great British Bake Off Competition

To celebrate the return of the GBBO, all customers who placed an order in September were automatically entered into our competition to win an Oggi's Oven Original Dog Biscuit Baking Mix, which comes complete with a dog bone biscuit cutter...a great opportunity to go baking crazy! 

And our winner was...the very handsome Winston, who loves to tuck into our Benyfit 80/10/10 range, his favourite being the Goat Meat Feast.

Well done Winston - enjoy your yummy home baked Oggi biscuits!!!

August 2018 Launch Competition

To celebrate our launch, all customers who placed an order in August were automatically entered into our competition to win some tasty Sweet Potato Treats, which are bursting with goodness and offer heaps of health benefits to keep your hound happy.

And our winner was....the lovely Phoebe, who is a huge fan of our Neem Paw Balm and loves getting her paws massaged with it!

Well done Phoebe...enjoy your treats!!!