Benyfit Natural

We absolutely love the Benyfit Natural Brand and Chops is a massive fan of their food too.

Their raw dog food is 100% natural and contains all that dogs need for optimum health and a long, happy life. All their ingredients are British, all meat is ethically sourced, and the turkey is free range. Their recipes are 100% complete, contain nothing artificial and are 100% DEFRA approved.

The Benyfit founder, chef trained Ben Van Praagh, realised that the dog food available just wasn’t nutritious enough and having researched and liaised with experts, began to create recipes and change the diet of his dogs. He noticed a huge positive change in them as they became fitter, healthier and performed far better in competitions.

We trust Benyfit Natural because we know that what we feed Chops is what Ben would feed his own dogs. Chops is currently enjoying a diet of Benyfit 80/10/10 which is free of vegetables, and we switched him to this having noticed that he was always rubbing his face…a common sign of food intolerance. Vegetables can cause intolerance to some delicate tummies and he seems far happier since eating Benyfit 80/10/10…no more face rubbing so no more lines of drool and hair on the kitchen rug! His coat is great and his muscles are really defined.

James recently met with Greg Van Praagh at the Benyfit Natural factory and was extremely privileged to be given a tour. He was extremely impressed with the premises and likened the food prep area to a restaurant kitchen. There were boxes of very fresh vegetables stacked up ready to be used that day and whilst he was there, a delivery of chicken arrived which had been freshly slaughtered that morning.


This year, Dorwest is proudly celebrating 70 years of Herbal pet care and are the purveyors of the finest herbal medicines and supplements for dogs.
They are dog lovers with pharmaceutical standards and their treatments are prepared using active ingredients taken from the whole plant. No second stage extracts are used: only directly from the stems, roots, leaves and first pressings of oil and only from herbs that meet their stringent quality standards.

Their concern for animals and the environment means that they say no to GM ingredients or unethical animal testing and they opt to source locally and build positive supplier relationships. 

For over 40 years, Dorwest have been manufacturing licensed herbal veterinary medicines and regulated by the Veterinarian Medicines Directorate, they have a strong commitment to their customers, love their pets and know how much we love ours.

Chops is very nervous of people - probably from events during his earlier years and we swear by Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian tablets, which naturally calms his anxiety like St John's Wort would calm ours. We also think the Dorwest Organic Valerian Compound is great as an addition when there is a thunderstorm which terrifies Chops.
The benefits of Dorwest products for us, is immeasurable, and their strong moral principles make them a trusted Happy Chops brand.

As well as stocking their products, we have participated in the Dorwest training scheme which has been designed specifically for vet nurses and pet store staff to gain essential product knowledge on the uses of their range and so promote their use with confidence. 


Green & Wild’s

My favourite thing ever is to treat my boy, Chops; and his favourite treats are Green & Wild’s...he'd happily get locked into our shop overnight and work his way through all the treats but currently, he'd head to the Beef Jerky Chews first!

Unlike so many products out there, Green & Wild’s treats are all thriller and no filler! All Green & Wild’s products are carefully thought out and produced to ensure that all are nutritious and healthy. Some are also specially formulated to help with specific ailments so as well as feeding your dog the treats they love, they’re reaping the health benefits.

Green & Wild’s treats contain no dangerous chemicals, have had no artificial processing and no ingredients are unnecessarily added to bulk out the products. Green & Wild’s are all about natural healthy products that you can trust, that contain good, honest ingredients and their reputation are built on these values.

They also actively help and support large and not so large charities, as well as individual endeavours to raise money for good dog causes. These include: Adopt a Bull Terrier, Akita Rescue, Animal Health Trust, Animal Helpline Dog Rescue, Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, Battersea Dogs and Cats, Border Terrier Rescue, Bulldog Rescue, Canine Partners, The Deaf Dog Network, DogsTrust, SOSAnimals, English Springer Spaniel Welfare, Guide Dogs, Hounds For Heroes, K-9 Angels, Doodle Trust, Labrador Rescue, Malamute Matters, Oldie’s Club, PDSA, RSPCA, Safe and Sound plus many more……What’s there not to love!!!

Oggi's Oven

What is NOT to love about the Oggi's Oven products? They are incredible fun to make, rewarding to give to your dog or as gifts to others and are a fantastic way to promote responsible pet care in children as they can get involved with the baking and icing.
When Chops came to live with us, we celebrated by baking him an Oggi's Birthday Cake and will continue to do so, every anniversary!​​​​​​​

All ingredients are made from free-range ingredients sourced in the UK and contain no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

It is a well-published fact that animal obesity is on the increase. This, coupled with the increasing trend of
family dogs being overlooked and even mistreated by children were the fundamental driving factors for Oggi’s Oven. ​​​​​​​Oggi’s Oven is the brainchild of founder Tracey-Louise Voss, and her passion to make a difference to the pet world is the underpinning ethos of the Oggi brand.​​​​​​​
Oggi the Doggie is the face of Oggi's Oven and has become a well loved educational character who seeks
to bring solutions to problems and issues that face the domestic animal world. His quest is simple - to bring pets
back to the heart of the family and to get kids involved in pet welfare by making guest appearances at store events​​​​​​​. Through innovation and education he can and will make a better life for pets worldwide.

Oggi's quite simply want to put family dogs back at the very heart of the family, where they belong. Cherished and pampered, with a diet that keeps them fit and healthy for life.


Serendipity Herbals

We first found Serendipity Herbals during our quest to find natural, chemical free worming and flea treatments for Chops.

We were determined that he should be protected against worms and parasites but to not be subjected to chemical solutions that are popular in shops and vets and can have adverse reactions and negative health effects in dogs. Our search ended when we came across the Serendipity Four Seasons Intestinal Hygiene Control and the Billy No Mates! range.

Impressed with the fantastic range of natural supplements, salves and apothecary, we quickly became a regular Serendipity Herbals customer and Chops has benefited from their products ever since.

Many of their products contain Neem which has been reportedly used for 4000 years to ease a variety of ailments and supports overall health, the skin and digestion.